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Jonathan Clark's diary

The Filson Historical Society's Special Collections includes the diary of William Clark's older brother Jonathan. The diary notes the departure and return of the captains from and to the Falls of the Ohio as well as William's move to St. Louis in June 1808. The entry for 26 October 1803 reads:

Capt. Lewis and Capt. Wm. Clark sot [set] of[f] on a Western tour - went in their boat to Mr. Temple's.

Jonathan Clark's diary entry for 26 October 1803

(Benjamin Temple was Jonathan's son-in-law who had a farm along the Ohio River in the area of present Lake Dreamland neighborhood in western Louisville.)

The 5 November 1806 entry states:

Captains Lewis & Clark arrived at the Falls on their return from the Pacific Ocean after an absence of a little more than three years.

Jonathan Clark's diary entry for 5 November 1806

This is one of the few sources that state the date of Lewis and Clark's return to the Falls.

A 2 June 1808 entry notes:

Clear, my brother William this day moved from Louisville to St. Louis--parted with him at Shipping Port.

Jonathan Clark's diary entry for 2 June 1806

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