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Historical markers : Samuel Brown, M.D. (1769-1830)

Samuel Brown marker
Samuel Brown marker (reverse)

Marker Number: 1595
County: Fayette
Location: 190 Market St. at Ridgely Bldg., Lexington

Description: This building was office of Dr. Samuel Brown, first professor of chemistry, anatomy and surgery at Transylvania Medical School. He was a pioneer in cowpox vaccination against smallpox and introduced it in Lexington, 1801. His scientific knowledge led him to apply steam distillation to the manufacture of whiskey. Presented by Samuel Brown Journal Club.

(Reverse) Dr. Samuel Brown - Dr. Brown's analyses led to the use of Kentucky cave nitre in manufacture of gunpowder. This added to Kentucky's role in winning War of 1812. Jefferson appointed him to advise Lewis and Clark Expedition on Indian lore. He was first man in the United States to envision a national medical organization. Presented by Samuel Brown Journal Club.

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