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Historical markers : Trough Spring

Trough Spring marker

Marker Number: 2085
County: Jefferson
Location: Louisville, Trough Springs Ln. & Dundee Rd.

Description: While on the Corps of Discovery's expedition to the Pacific Ocean, coleader William Clark wrote six letters to his brother Jonathan at Trough Spring. In 1805 he sent over 30 expedition artifacts here for family and friends. See over. Presented by The Filson Historical Society.

Trough Spring marker

(Reverse) Trough Spring - Built under Wm. Clark's supervision on site selected by George R. Clark for their brother Jonathan when he moved to Ky., 1802. Jonathan was Rev. War veteran and major gen. of Va. Militia. Trough Spring remained his home until death, 1811. House has had many owners and several names. Appearance has been altered but original core of house remains. Presented by The Filson Historical Society.

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